We are pleased to offer a Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase Plan (the “Plan”) to holders of DigitalBridge Group, Inc. common stock and other interested investors.

Optional Cash Investment:  Optional cash investments in excess of $25,000 per month may be made only if we have decided to consider approving requests for waiver in any given month and only pursuant to requests for waiver that we have approved in writing.  Please note that we will not be considering approving optional cash investments made pursuant to requests for waiver at this time.

To learn more about the Plan please review the Plan prospectus supplement, prospectus and other applicable documents.

General Information

The Plan is administered through the Company’s transfer agent, American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, LLC (“AST”). For further information please contact AST toll free at (888) 563-9653. Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time. Alternatively, please visit AST’s website at www.amstock.com.

All stockholders and new investors considering enrollment in the Plan should carefully review the terms of the Plan and consult with their advisors as to the implications of enrollment in the Plan.

DigitalBridge Group, Inc. has filed a registration statement (including a prospectus and prospectus supplement) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the offering to which this communication relates. Before you invest, you should read the prospectus supplement, prospectus, registration statement and the other documents we have filed with the SEC for more complete information about us and the offering. You may get these documents for free by visiting the SEC website at www.sec.gov. Alternatively, AST will arrange to send you the prospectus if you request it by calling (888) 563-9653.